Its small size allows the company to implement a policy of research of a high quality product.

The goal is to improve the organoleptic characteristics through a mix of traditional instruments and advanced technologies that ensure maximum respect for the product typicality.

Tradition is our guide, innovation is our way, love is our goal.

In every single bottle you can find the stubborn passion of our family, and all the will to make wines speaking of us, telling about us silently, through the senses.

In the winery, we let the grapes follow the path from the land to the table without ever forcing them, preserving at each step the aromatic side which has developed during the ripening. The use of wooden presses and manual pumps during racking, make transforming process even more special and let the atmosphere become as magic. Everything aiming at a result that we believe is of great value and satisfaction for those who are authentic wine lovers.

O Every single bottle is about us.

For us it is important to handle small batches during vinification, in order to understand the differences from one year to the other and to define the best way to follow, thanks to a careful view of the microclimate influences and the different phases.

We caught the lines of this land, its colors, its past. We conceived a philosophy enshrining its soul, its essence. All this humbly, season after season, in a simple way, in every single gesture, in every single bottle.

“We caught the lines of this land, its colors, its past.”

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Bollino FIVI bordo fino

It defends its terroir, cultivates its vineyard, collects its grapes, vinifies its grapes, bottles in its cellars, sells its own wine, takes pleasure in promoting the fruit of its work and its culture.