Cantina Bastianelli” is a family run company where the passion for wine has its roots in a history of tradition and love for the land: the same passion that united my grandparents and now is joining me and my father Egidio.

“I am Francesco and this is our world”

It is thanks to him and to his work that we can now create something unique which will be gently cared for by our Land, Marche.

A wine like a poetry, which arises from the indissoluble union between the territory and the charisma of those who work on it.

We are border winemakers.

Our company is located on the border between the provinces of Fermo and Macerata, two different provinces but also two different territories, each of them instilling different organoleptic characteristics to our vineyards.

Its small size allows the company to implement a policy of research of a high quality product.

The goal is to improve the organoleptic characteristics through a mix of traditional instruments and advanced technologies that ensure maximum respect for the product typicality.

Today, the company is projecting into the future, investing in development and research of new technologies which could help us to make work in the vinery easier, always keeping an eye at our past and our identity.

2017 is the year in which we will give shape to our projects concerning the “sharing” of our passion through the construction of the new winery, a meeting point for all our customers.

A place where our land and the winery will be as one, where our visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the territory and live Cantina Bastianelli the same way as we do, as a family.

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Bollino FIVI bordo fino

It defends its terroir, cultivates its vineyard, collects its grapes, vinifies its grapes, bottles in its cellars, sells its own wine, takes pleasure in promoting the fruit of its work and its culture.