For us, family has always been a fundamental part of our company, we have always been farmers, with a great passion for wine. The same passion that already characterized the family at the time of my G-Grandfathers.

My grandfather was the proponent of the gear change, he was the first in our area to purchase a fixed combine harvester, and after him, my uncle Gianluca too, my father’s younger brother.

My father, Egidio, was the last one approaching agriculture, but he was the first renting some vineyards, initially to cultivate and sell the grapes to those who produced wine.

The next step was obliged: trying to make his own wine.

The year 2011 was a turning point: after having realized the love my father had for wine, we found ourselves in the right situation to dedicate ourselves to the wine, without neglecting the other land, both owned and rented, which still cultivate…and that was the moment when Cantina Bastianelli  was officially founded.

This passion and love for our land is what I’m trying to also pass on to my two children, Edoardo and Ilaria. Although still very young, Edoardo is always in the fields, he has fun and he will learn what my grandfather and my father taught me, so that to carry on the work of the whole Bastianelli family.

We are a traditional family, where everyone helps everyone from my father to my uncles, right up to my cousin Alessandro and the family of my wife Pamela: a big family that loves to be together, turning this love into that family and traditional character that you will find in our wines, made to mirror our territory.

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Bollino FIVI bordo fino

It defends its terroir, cultivates its vineyard, collects its grapes, vinifies its grapes, bottles in its cellars, sells its own wine, takes pleasure in promoting the fruit of its work and its culture.